Cybersecurity Lecture Series

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Meet academic and industry leaders for intimate discussions about new cyber threats, trends and technologies.

The Cybersecurity Lecture Series at Georgia Tech is a free, open-to-the-public, one-hour presentation offered each Friday, featuring thought leaders who are advancing the field of cybersecurity. Meet executives from Fortune 500 companies, researchers from federal intelligence agencies, as well as university faculty and students sharing their latest discoveries. Lectures are open to all -- students, faculty, industry, government, or simply the curious. Students may register for credit under seminar course CS-8001-INF.

2020 Virtual Lecture Schedule

September 25
Danny Y. Huang  - Assistant Professor, New York University

Past Lectures


2020 Fall Semester
"Meddling Middlemen: Empirical Analysis of the Risks of Data-Saving Mobile Browsers"
 Brian Kondracki  - Ph.D. student, Stony Brook University
"Automating the Discovery of Censorship Evasion"
Kevin Bock - PhD student, UMD
"Voice Biometrics and Emerging security threats in the voice channel"
Elie Khoury - Pindrop
"The Joys of Corrupting Memory (Modern Windows Software Exploitation)"
Grant Hollis - Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories (LM ATL)Chief of Staff, LMCO
"Cyber Buzz: Examining Virality Characteristics of Cybersecurity Content in Social Networks"  [video]  [slides]
Thomas Shields - Research Scientist at GTRI
2020 Spring Semester
"Reflections on Internet Surveillance"  [video]  [slides]
Nicholas Weaver - UC Berkeley
"Using AI to Detect Zero-Day Malware"  [video]  [slides]
Tommy Gardner - Chief Technology Officer HP
"Less is More: Web Application Attack Surface Reduction Through Software Debloating"  [video]  [slides]
Babak Amin Azad
"From Attack to Defense: Study Security Problems in the Android Kernel Ecosystem"
Hang Zhang
"Differentially Private Change-point Detection"  [video]  [slides]
Wanrong Zhang
"Fighting Voice Spam with a Virtual Assistant"  [video]  [slides]
Sharbani Pandit, Ph.D. Student at Georgia Tech, College of Computing
"Barnum: Detecting Document Malware via Control Flow Anomalies in Hardware Traces" 
Carter Yagemann, Ph.D. Student, Georgia Tech​
"The Impact of Compiler-Based Performance Optimizations on Security"  [video]  [slides]
Michael Brown, GTRI Research Scientist
"Space Wars: Exploiting Program (in)Variants for Software Security"  [video]  [slides]
Dr. Hong Hu, Georgia Tech Research Scientist​
"Hardware Trojan detection using the backscattering side channel​"  [video]
Luong Nguyen​​
"Equifax Security Transformation and the Future of Cybersecurity"​
Jamil Farshchi, Chief Information Security Officer at Equifax​​
"Little Bobby Tables’ Student Records"​
Kyle Koza, Principal Information Security Engineer at Georgia Institute of Technology​

Past Lectures


Video and slides are available from speakers who permitted their presentations to be shared. Recordings are provided as a courtesy of the Georgia Tech Library System.





IISP Fall Mixer
Minlan Yu, Associate Professor at Harvard SEAS
"Security Evaluation of Home-Based IoT Deployments​"
Omar Alrawi, Ph.D. Student, Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
"Leveraging Side-Channel Signals for Security and Trust"
Nader Sehatbakhsh, Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech School of Computer Science​
"Secure Communication Channel Establishment: TLS 1.3 (Over TCP Fast Open) vs. QUIC"
Alexandra Boldyreva, Ph.D., Professor, Georgia Tech School of Computer Science
"Edge Intelligence at the Extreme Edge"
Justin Gagne, Director, Engineering - Qualcomm
Henry Tong, Engineering - Qualcomm
"Machine Learning in Profiled Side-Channel Attacks and Low-Overhead Countermeasures"
Arijit Raychowdhury, Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech  [video]  [slides]
"The IISP Presents Dr. Charles Johnson-Bey" 
 Charles Johnson-Bey, Director, Engineering & Technology, Cyber Innovations at Lockheed Martin Corporation and Founder of Beysix Consulting, LLC [video]
"The Growing Importance of the Non-Code Aspects of Cybersecurity"   [slides]
Peter Swire, Professor, Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech
"Simulation-Based Cyber Wargaming"  [slides]
Ambrose Kam, Lockheed Martin
"Fighting Smarter, Not Just Faster"
Kimberly Watson, Senior Staff at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and Technical Director for Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense (IACD)
"Can Data Provenance Put an End to the Data Breach?"​
Adam Bates, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Illinois
"Trusting Smart Cities: Risk Factors and Implications"  [video]  [slides]
Margaret Loper, Ph.D.Chief Scientist of the GTRI Information and Communications Laboratory (ICL)
"Efficiently Computing with Private Data"  [video]  [slides]
David Heath, GT - PhD student
"Electric Energy System Cyber Security: An Overview"  [video]  [slides]
Sakis Meliopoulos, Professor at Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
"Attacking and Protecting Public Data with Differential Privacy"
Simson L. Garfikel, Senior Computer Scientist for Confidentiality and Data Access, US Census Bureau
"RFDIDS: Radio Frequency-based Distributed Intrusion Detection System for the Power Grid"
Tohid Shekari, Ph.D. Student, Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
"Caller Authentication Using Mobile Devices"
Terry Nelms, Director of Research, Pindrop
"AI-infused Security: Robust Defense by Bridging Theory and Practice"  [video]
Shang-Tse Chen, Ph.D. Student, Georgia Tech College of Computing
"Grand Cyber Questions and How They Impact Cyber Start-ups"  [video]
Ron Gula, President and Co-Founder, Gula Tech Adventures
"Adversarial Attack on Graph-Structured Data"
Hanjun Dai, Ph.D. Student, Georgia Tech College of Computing  [video]
"A Tale of Two Tasks; Designing and Validating Secure Software"  [video[slides]
Shelby Allen, Research Engineer, GTRI
"Improving Security Through Software Debloating"  [video] [slides]
Michael Brown, Research Scientist, Georgia Tech Research Institute
"The First African-American Female Naval Flight Officer and her transition to the private cybersecurity giant ManTech"  [video]
Matice Wright, Vice President and Technical Director, ManTech
"DISCOVER: Mining Online Chatter for Emerging Cyber Threats"  [video]
Sindhu ErnalaPh.D. Student, Georgia Tech College of Computing
"Defending Organizations in a Fast-Moving Cyber Arms Race"  [video] [slides]
Rob KrugSonicWall​
"Developing Secure Products"
Karun Rajasekharan and Emil Man, Product Security Leaders, Honeywell  [slides]
"Stop Fraudsters by Changing Products"
Sam King, Ph.D.InfoSec Expert and Associate Professor, UC Davis
"Protect Your Unicorn From Hunters"  [video]  [slides]
Nir Valtman, CISO, Kabbage
"Device Enhanced Authentication: Passwords and Second Factors"  [video] [slides]
Maliheh Shirvanian, Research Scientist, Visa Research


"New Perspectives on Control-Flow Hijacking Mitigation"  [Video]
Nathan Burrow, Post-doctoral researcher, Purdue University

"Triaging and Debugging Failures in Deployed Software by Reverse Execution"  [Video]
Weidong Cui, Principal Researcher Microsoft Research Redmond Lab

"The Implications of Privacy-Aware Choices"  [Video]
Rachel Cummings, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering Georgia Tech

"Social Cybersecurity"  [Video]
Sauvik Das, Assistant professor, School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Tech

"Beyond Snowden: Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Mass Surveillance"  [Video]
Timothy Edgar, Senior fellow in international and public affairs, Brown University

"Cryptoeconomics.Study and a Plasma Primer"  
Karl Floersch, Researcher, Ethereum Foundation

"Emulytics at Sandia: Emulation-based Modeling and Analysis of Computer Systems"  [Video]
Kasimir GabertSandia National Laboratories

"Forward Leaning - Reshaping and Rethinking Cyber R&D"  [Video]
Kevin Greene, Principal Software Assurance Engineer, The MITRE Corporation

"Cyber Simulation and Threat Assessment"  [Video]
Ambrose Kam, Cyber simulation product manager, Lockheed Martin

"Proving Anything, Quickly, Privately, and Elegantly with Secure Computation" [Video]
Vladimir Kolesnikov, Assistant professor, School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech

"Practical Software Hardening Against Code Reuse Attacks"  [Video]
Hyungjoon Koo, Ph.D. candidate, Stony Brook University

"The Insider's View of a Data Breach - how policy, forensics, and attribution apply in the real world"  [Video]
Todd McClelland, Partner

"Open Source Intelligence Applications in Cybersecurity"  [Video]
Thomas Shields, Research Scientist, Georgia Institute of Technology

"Security Along the SoC Lifecycle: Current Practices and Challenges Ahead"  [Video]
Mark Tehranipoor, Intel Charles E. Young Preeminence Endowed Chair Professor in Cybersecurity, University of Florida

Thank You to Our Spring '18 Speakers

"The Scalability of Vulnerability Analysis"
Kennon Bittick, CIPHER Lab, Georgia Tech Research Institute  [Video]

"Secure Communication Channel Establishment: TLS 1.3 (over TCP Fast Open) vs. QUIC"
Shan Chen, School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech

"Clash of Cultures" Privacy and the Internet"  [Video]
Ted Claypoole, Womble Bond Dickinson LLP

"Insight from an Alumnus"
Paul EvertonMailControl

"I made the very model, but the model was too general: Modeling every cyber vegetable, animal, and mineral"
David Jakob Fritz, Sandia National Laboratories

"Hacking Data-Flow for Turing-Complete Attacks"  [Video]
Hong Hu, School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech

"Automated In-memory Malware/rootkit Detection via Binary Analysis and Machine Learning"  [Video]
Malachi Jones, Booz Allen Dark Labs

"Enterprise Security at Georgia Tech"  [Video]
Kyle Koza, Office of Information Technology, Georgia Tech

"Revocations Are Dead, Long Live Revocations"  [Video]
Dave Levin, University of Maryland

"Towards Measuring the Effectiveness of Telephony Blacklists"  [Video]
Sharbani Pandit, School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech

"What Do CISOs Do All Day?"  [Video]
Jerry Perullo, InterContinental Exchange, Inc.

"Convicted by Memory: Recovering Spatial-Temporal Digital Evidence from Memory Images"  [Video]
Brendan Saltaformaggio, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech

"Solving the Biggest Problems"  [Video]
Joshua C. Sorenson, Delta Air Lines

"rtCaptcha: Video, Voice, and Smarts for Secure Authentication"  [Video]
Erkam Uzun, School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech

Thank You to Our Fall '17 Speakers

“Out of Control: the expanded attack surface of control systems”  [Video]
Raheem Beyah, Georgia Tech School of Electrical & Computer Engineering

"What Constitutes an Act of War in Cyberspace?"  [Video]
Holly DragooCIPHER Laboratory, Georgia Tech Research Institute

"Automatic Feature Engineering: Learning to Detect Malware by Mining the Scientific Literature"  [Video]
Tudor Dumitras, assistant professor, University of Maryland

“The Domestic Benefits of Subversive Foreign Propaganda: The RT (Russia Today) News Network and Geopolitical Muckraking”  [Video]
Hans Klein, Georgia Tech School of Public Policy

"Can Trust Be Delivered As a Service?"
Margaret Loper, Institute for Information Security & Privacy

"Tracing the Arc of Smartphone Application Security"  [Video]
Patrick McDaniel, professor and director, Institute for Network and Security Research, The Pennsylvania State University

"Energy System Cybersecurity and Operational Reliability"
Sakis Meliopoulos, Institute for Information Security & Privacy

“What Can Social Science Contribute to Cybersecurity Attribution Research?”
Milton Mueller, Georgia Tech School of Public Policy

"Call Me: Gathering Threat Intelligence on Telephony Scams to Detect Fraud"  [Video] 
Terry NelmsPindrop Security

"Security and Privacy Issues of Modern Web Browsers"  [Video]
Nick Nikiforakis, Stony Brook University

“Modern Malware and Secure Techniques for Better Software”  [Video]
Joel Odom, CIPHER Lab, Georgia Tech Research Institute

"Why Memory Corruption is Hard"  [Video]
Mathias Payer, Purdue University

“The Non-Code Aspects of Cybersecurity and the Globalization of Criminal Evidence”  [Slides] [Video]
Peter Swire, Institute for Information Security & Privacy

"Multi-stakeholder Network Security Concerns"  [Article]
Tony Tauber, Comcast

Thank You to Our Spring '17 Speakers

"Human Computing for Handling Strong Corruptions in Authenticated Key Exchange"  [Video]
Shan Chen, Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech, School of Computer Science

"Secure Data Outsourcing: Access Pattern Confidentiality in Outsourced Databases"
Alexander Degitz, Exchange Research Scholar, Georgia Tech

"On Trust Analysis for Microelectronics-Based Systems"
Brandon Eames, technical lead, Sandia National Laboratories

"Tagging and Tracking of Multi-level Host Events for Transparent Computing"  [Video]
Mattia Fazzini, Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech, School of Computer Science

"Out of Control: Ransomware for Industrial Control Systems"
David Formby, Ph.D candidate, Georgia Tech, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering

"Cloak & Dagger: From Two Android Permissions to Complete Control of the UI Feedback Loop"
Yanick Fratantonio, Ph.D. candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Protecting Computing Systems from Emerging Attacks"
Yeongjin Jang, Ph.D. candidate, Georgia Tech, School of Computer Science

"Defeating Advanced Memory-Error Exploits by Preventing Information Leaks"
Kangjie Lu, Ph.D. candidate, Georgia Tech, School of Computer Science

"Online Tracking: A 1-million-site Measurement and Analysis"  [Video]
Arvind Narayanan, assistant professor of computer science, Princeton University

"Hardware-Based Security and Trust For IoT and Supply Chain Authentication"  [Video]
James Plusquellic, professor of electrical engineering, University of New Mexico

"Exposing Cross-Channel Abuse in Converged Communications Infrastructure with Text-Messaging Scams"  [Video]
Bharat Srinivasan, Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech, School of Computer Science

"Keyless Fuzzy Search for Data-based Access Control"
Tianxin Tang, Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech, School of Computer Science

NDSS'17 Conference Preview: "Enabling Reconstruction of Attacks on Users via Efficient Browsing Snapshots"  [Video]
Phani Vadrevu, Ph.D. student, University of Georgia

Thank you to our Fall '16 Speakers

"Security Analytics: Bridging large-scale data collection and analysis with human factors to design better defenses"  [Video]
Nicolas Christin, associate research professor, Carnegie Mellon University CyLab

"Towards Measuring and Mitigating Social Engineering Software Download Attacks"  [Video]
Terry Nelms, Pindrop

"Myths of Computer Security"
Curtis Walker, Draper Laboratory

"Understanding, Alleviating and Exploiting Electro-Magnetic Side-Channel Signals"  [Video]
Milos Prvulovic, professor, Georgia Tech School of Computer Science

"Breaking Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization (KASLR) with Intel TSX"  [Video]
Yeongjin Jang, PhD student, Georgia Tech School of Computer Science

"Cryptographically Enforced Access Control for User Data in Untrusted Clouds" [Presentation Slides]   [Video]
Frank Wang, PhD student, MIT & Cybersecurity Factory

"Managing Product Security and Integrity in a Global Supply Chain"  [Video]
Yousef Iskander, hardware security researcher, and Dmitry Kuchynski, security principal, Cisco Security Group

"Automating Analysis and Exploitation of Embedded Device Firmware"  [Presentation Slides]
Malachi G. Jones, embedded security researcher, Booz Allen Dark Labs

"Defending against Advanced Return-Oriented Programming Attacks"  [Video]
Michalis Polychronakis, assistant professor, Stony Brook University

"Fault Injection as an Attack Vector Against Trustworthy Embedded Systems"  [Video]
Patrick Schaumont, professor, Virginia Tech

"The Evolution of Modern Malware: Technology Trends and Motivations”  [Video]
Chris Smoak, division chief, GTRI Cyber Technology & Information Security Laboratory

"Leveraging Information Symmetry and Asymmetry for Effective Cyber Defense”  [Presentation Slides]
Jeff Reava, CISSP, CISM, CISA; director of information security operations, Jackson National Life Insurance Company

“ASwatch: An AS Reputation System to Expose Bulletproof Hosting ASes”  [Video]
Maria Konte, post-doctoral fellow, Georgia Tech School of Computer Science

"The Evolution of Data Privacy: From Concept to Execution"
Ling Liu, professor, Georgia Tech School of Computer Science

Thank you to our Spring '16 speakers

Wenke Lee, professor, College of Computing
Stephen Pair, CEO, BitPay  [Video]
Frank Wang, coordinator, The Cybersecurity Factory  [Video]
Sivakumar "Siva" Raghupathy, director, CREATE-X
Adam Wenchel, VP for Security & Tech Analytics, Capital One  [Video]
Kyle Grossman and Jim Schwoebel, co-founders, CyberLaunch
Tim Junio, co-founder and CEO, Qadium Inc.

And Graduate Students:

Byoungyoung Lee  [Video]
Kangjie Liu
David Formby
Chengyu Song

and Ren Ding  [Video]