Cybersecurity Demo Day

(From L to R) Judges Kevin Skapinetz of IBM Security and Blake Patton of Tech Square Ventures present the grand prize to 2018 Winners Ruian Duan and Ashish Bijlani, School of Computer Science, funded by Judge and Founding Donor of Create-X Christopher Klaus and IISP's Dr. Wenke Lee.


IISP Cybersecurity Demo Day Program

Open to all post-graduate cybersecurity students 

Demo Day Program, sponsored by the Institute for Information Security & Privacy (IISP), connects students to business mentors in order to build networking connections and learn entrepreneurial strategies. Students will work one-on-one with industry leaders to explore the relevancy of their research and identify challenges to commercialization. These investments in the early stages of research will help drive long-term market impact. 


Join the Georgia Tech Entrepreneur EcoSystem

  • Register by January 25, 2019
  • Attend coaching and networking events 
  • Compete for awards up to $7000 (and eligibility for a $50,000 award)


Start with an Open Mind and Discover...

  • Peer Teammates
  • Entrepreneurial Strategies
  • Coaching by Industry Leaders
  • Communication & Life Skills
  • Measurable Impact of your Research

And the Opportunity to Win Prizes for a $125,000 pool!

  • $50,000 NSF I-Corp Grant
  • Create-X LAUNCH Seat (worth $4k in grant funding and $30k in services)
  • $7000 for Commercial Track Winner
  • $4000 for Research Track Winner

Students validate their ideas and take their research from the lab to the marketplace.

The program welcomes both nascent and “near-ready" ideas.



Registration Now Open >> Sign Up 

(Students who participated in the IISP Cybersecurity Summit on October 4, 2018 immediately qualify for the Demo Day Program.)

Questions? Contact Gloria Griessman.




We suggest students start with an open mind.

If you are a student who has never considered commercialization of your research, please reconsider:

  • Being an entrepreneur is not just about money, it is about impact - changing the industry/world with new ideas and new technologies.
  • Students learn new skills that enrich their experience, including communicating presenting, persuading,and evaluating.
  • Teams validate research in the market.  

What is the IISP Cybersecurity Demo Day Program?

Organized by the Institute for Information Security & Privacy (IISP), The Cybersecurity Demo Day Program aims to introduce students to business mentors early in the research timeline to build productive relationships. All students who participate will benefit from the insight and critique of those closest to industry needs today.

What is Demo Day Grand Finale in April?

The winning team of the Demo Day Finale in April is awarded a cash prize and funding. The team also receives a fast-track “Golden Ticket” into Create-X Startup Launch to work alongside Atlanta business mentors and investors.

This year, the IISP Demo Day Grand Finale will be part of the IISP VIP and Exclusive Industry Day. IISP Demo Day participants will be invited to join this “closed door and exclusive” event, that includes:


  • Georgia Tech Cybersecurity Expert Research Presentations
  • Industry Executives Panel Share Insider Views About Their Toughest Cybersecurity Challenges
  • VIP Lunch with Industry Members/ Executives, Cybersecurity Researchers, VCs, Start-Up CEOs, & Demo Day Students



Coaching & Educational Program Schedule

Date & Time Location  
Jan 16
3-4 p.m.
KACB 1116 Kickoff
Jan 24
3-4 p.m.
KACB 2447 Coaching: Business Model Canvas/ Customer Discovery
Feb 5
11 a.m.-noon
KACB 2447 Coaching: Value Proposition Design
Feb 26
11 a.m.-noon
KACB 2447 Coaching: Interview Feedback 1
March 14
11 a.m.-noon
KACB 2447 Coaching: Interview Feedback 2 (optional)
March 26
11 a.m-noon
April tbd Demo Day

Questions? Contact Gloria Griessman.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

  • Students are presently enrolled in a degree program Georgia Tech and are in good academic standing.
  • The research project involves one of the core cybersecurity areas of the Institute for Information Security & Privacy.
  • Participation is endorsed by the research principal investigator (or, if not applicable, a faculty sponsor or lab director) from Georgia Tech.
  • A signed Public Disclosure Acknowledgement and Waiver form has been returned to IISP prior to the formal competition

Requirements - Cybersecurity Demo Day Finale

  • Meet Basic Eligibility Requirements outlined above.
  • Prepare a poster and present to panel of judges at the Demo Day Finale (Commercial Track).
  • Prepare a poster and create a video to be presented at the Demo Day Finale (Research Track).
  • Select either Commercialization or Research Track
    • Commercialization Track Requirements
      • Total of four 45-Minute Coaching Sessions at Klaus (See schedule below.)
      • Total of 20 interviews
    • Research Track
      • Total of two 45-Minute Coaching Sessions at Klaus
      • A three to four minute technology video for judging

Prizes - Cybersecurity Demo Day Finale

  • $7,000 prize based on panel of judges who select winner
  • $50,000 NSF Grant based on completing commercialization requirements
  • $70,000 estimated value from CreateX – selected by CreateX


Past Events

October 4, 2018

​Cybersecurity Summit Poster & 2-Minute Madness Competition at

IISP 16th annual Cybersecurity Summit 


Sixteen Georgia Tech student groups entered the IISP Cybersecurity Demo Day Poster and Two-Minute Madness competition for the chance to win a total of $10,000 prizes. These teams are automatically eligible to participate in the Demo Day Program that offers $125,000 in total cash prizes and industry mentorship to help commercialize their work. The final winner will be chosen in the spring, but the summit was the participants’ first opportunity to receive feedback on their projects.

One of the goals of Demo Day is to help students get comfortable with presenting their work. To achieve this, each group presented their research as part of a two-minute madness round during the summit and then participated in a poster session where cybersecurity industry leaders and academics could ask questions.

“If you’re doing a Ph.D., you need to be able to do public speaking to get research funding,” said SCS Ph.D. student Carter Yagemann.

Attendees voted for the most promising project, which won the first prize. A panel of local chief information security officers selected the other two winners. New this year was a prize for a spot in CREATE-X.

1st prize $5,000 (chosen by popular vote): Home-based IoT Evaluation by Omar Alrawi (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)) and Chaz Lever (SCS)

Requirements for Poster and Two-Minute Madness
  • Meet Basic Eligibility Requirements outlined above.
  • Prepare a poster and present during the 2-Minute Madness and Poster Session at the Summit.
Student Prizes 
  • $5,000 prize based on popular vote
  • $3,000 prize based on expert vote
  • $2,000 prize based on expert vote 

2nd prize $3,000 (chosen by panel of experts): LADIDS by Tohid Shekari (ECE), Christian Bayens (ECE), Morris Cohen (ECE associate professor), Lukas Graber (ECE assistant professor), and Raheem Beyah (ECE associate chair)

3rd prize $2,000 (chosen by panel of experts): Telephony Blacklist by Sharbani Pandit (SCS)

CREATE-X Prize: Justitia  by Carter Yagemann, Erkam Uzun (SCS), and Simon Pak Ho Chung (SCS research scientist), Wenke Lee (SCS professor)

Although they did not place in the top three, the other teams are still eligible to compete in the 2019 Demo Day Finale, and can attend a three-month training course on how to commercialize a product. Students who could not attend the summit can still join the program if they email Gloria Griessman.

2018 Winner
2017 Winner
2016 Winner