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Georgia Tech at ACM CCS 2017
News by Georgia Tech

Cybersecurity researchers take eight discoveries to the international, peer-reviewed ACM CCS 2017 conference in Dallas.

Combosquatting cybersecurity research by Georgia Tech
News by Georgia Tech

Cyberattackers are now taking advantage of a trick called "combosquatting" to lure web users onto malicious sites.

Romero-Gomez Wins Best Paper Award
News by Georgia Tech

A new method for cyberthreat data visualization wins the "Best Paper Award" from IEEE for Georgia Tech postdoctoral researchers.

Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit Stewart Baker
News by Georgia Tech

Stewart A. Baker proposes that 2017 might just be a transformational moment in the quest for better cyber attribution.

RAIN cybersecurity research by Georgia Tech
News by Georgia Tech

A new tool known as Refinable Attack INvestigation (RAIN) gives cyber forensic investigators a detailed look at intrusions down to the byte level.

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