Cybersecurity Demo Day - Team R1 2018

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"Accelerating IoT Security Standards Adoption"

Karim Farhat, Karl Grindal and Ishan Mehta

School of Public Policy


IoT growth is exponential with 8 billion devices in 2012, 23 billion in 2016, and a projected 50 billion in 2020 [Cisco VNI, 2017]. Current risk management for IoT is reactive at best; most devices are constrained in crypto and computing. While nothing in the IoT is certain, most imagined futures would suggest consumers will continue to seek value out of devices regardless of ongoing manufacturer support. Security costs will have to be mitigated if the IoT promise is to be fulfilled. The market requires a scalable security approach and clear liability framework for the responsible use of these devices. Our proposed solution is a platform that combines inputs from the three data streams that comprise a server-side database: web scraping, public collaborative repository, and input from developers/deployers. As devices are sunsetted, we hope that our platform will help the management process of operational devices nearing obsolescence as well as help migrate orphaned devices to open-source firmware or the recycling bin. Our work will contribute towards setting up an environment where companies compete on privacy and security. This team is comprised of affiliated graduate students from the Internet Governance Project with backgrounds in security, engineering, and IoT.

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